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Primary School

Raffles World Academy (RWA) is an IB World School. We are authorized to implement the International Baccalaureate Primary Years programme (IBPYP).


The teaching and learning in the PYP is child-centered. The focus is on trans-disciplinary themes which link different areas of study. The student learns through inquiry. The importance of traditional subject areas is acknowledged as components of the PYP curriculum model: language & mathematics; social studies; science; personal, social and physical education; ICT; and the arts.

The five essential elements of the PYP including knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action are expected in each of the grade levels at RWA. It should be noted that we recognize that learning is a developmental process in which students construct meaning from new experiences that builds on prior knowledge and that it is not always linear or age related.


Given below is the link to our Primary Years Curriculum Guide that provides general information about the curriculum, our approach to teaching and learning in the Primary School and tries to answer questions that you may have about our curriculum. Please take the time to read the curriculum guide which outlines, in detail, the curriculum that we offer in the Primary School.

Programme of Inquiry 2015-16

Learning Ladders

Learning Ladders was a new project that was implemented in 2013-14 school year in order to provide a more rigorous and personalized approach to learning. We believe that students enjoy learning when the learning is personalized, stimulating and fun and they are appropriately challenged. The Ladders are a tool with which we can personalize learning for all students, plan meaningful lessons, track progress from year to year and ensure our expectations for all students remains realistic, but challenging.

We have implemented the Learning Ladders in the subjects of Math, English, Science, Arabic and Islamic. Our Learning Ladders incorporate the PYP Scope and Sequence and are benchmarked against the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the Cambridge International Curriculum. The Ladders are arranged in a series of levels ranging from level P4 at the start of Kindergarten to level 12 and beyond in Grade 5.At each level of the ladder, there are a set of outcomes/ benchmarks that explicitly outline what students need to learn in order to reach the next level. These outcomes or descriptors are used to measure and track progress and define what has been learned, is being learned and what should be learned next.


We also use Learning Ladders to report on attainment and progress in the two semester reports sent to parents at the end of each semester. In order for you to fully understand your child’s report, you will need to look at the appropriate level on the Learning Ladder.

Click on the link to view the Maths Learning Ladders for the Primary School:
Math Learning Ladders

Click on the link to view the Language Learning Ladder for the Primary School:
Language Learning Ladder -Reading
Language Learning Ladder -Writing
Language Learning Ladder -Speaking & Listening
Language Learning Ladder -Presenting & Viewing

Click on the link to view the Science skills Learning Ladder for the Primary School:
Science Learning Ladder

Click on the link to view the PSE scope and Sequence for the Primary School:
PSE scope and Sequence 

Click on the link to view the Parent & Student Handbook for the Primary School: