Sunday / November 18 / 2018


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CCA Schedule Semester 1

Please note dates of cancelled CCAs

CCA Timeframe (13 weeks)




Students Return

Sunday 2nd September

Primary and Secondary Portal Open

Monday 10th  September

Primary and Secondary Portal Close

Wednesday 12th  September

External CCAs Expo

Tuesday 11th - Wednesday 12th September

CCAs start

Sunday 16th  September

Ibicus (No CCAs)

Thursday 27th  September

Primary PTC (No CCAs)

Wednesday 17th  October

Secondary PTC (No CCAs)

Wednesday 24th  October

Mid-Term (No CCAs)

Sunday 28th  October

Prophet's Birthday (No CCAs)

Tuesday 20th  November

Martyr's Day (No CCAs)

Friday 30th  November

National Day (No CCAs)

Sunday 2nd – Monday 3rd  December

End of CCA's Semester 1

Thursday 13th  December


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