Thursday / March 22 / 2018

UAE National Day Assembly


KG Free Flow


Sports Day



PARIS is the Parent’s Association at Raffles World Academy, and if your child is studying in RWA, then you automatically are a member of PARIS. PARIS is an active and effective group and was rated Outstanding in the previous KHDA rating! We are literally a global fusion of World Cultures and we are constantly learning from each other!  It is a great platform to make friends, share ideas/concerns and bring in solutions which help in making the student’s lives smoother.

We have a hands on Executive Committee which is voted in every year, and the backbone of this Committee are the parent volunteers. We are ably headed by a Chairperson who is assisted by equally capable Vice Chairpersons. Throughout the year, we hold various events which aim at having fun and raising funds, for all the students at RWA! All the funds generated are collected and kept track of by our Treasurer, and at the end of the year, these funds are used in such a way so as to benefit maximum number of Students. This spending of funds is done in a democratic manner and every parent is given a chance to send in their suggestions. 

The following is some of the initiatives  and events of our parent committee, PARIS:

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Primary School Curriculum Guide

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