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Certification in MYP

MYP Years 4 and 5 are a crucial 2-year period before the completion of the Middle Years Programme. Some schools around the world only offer this two-year programme instead of the whole 5-year programme. This prepares our students very well to take on the next programme which is IBDP. The two-year Middle Years Programme culminates in the following key assessments:

Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills: Students will be assessed on the ATL skills that they have acquired over the two year period. Teachers will work with them in various units across the eight subject groups and develop the 10 main ATL skill clusters. This will be assessed in the ongoing summative assessments as well as the personal project in MYP year 5 (Grade 10).

Personal Project (PP): Students will be required to complete a mandatory personal project. The journey of the PP will commence in December of 2017 in Grade 9 with an information session. The main idea of the information session is to provide information on the three parts of the PP (process journal, product and report) and to discuss the assessment criteria. Students will be assigned PP Supervisors who will guide them in the topic areas of their choice. The supervisors will then monitor the progress of the PP. Following the successful completion of the PP, teachers will assess it and send it to the IB for external moderation. Students will present their PP in an exhibition that will be organised for them in school.

eAssessments: There are two types of eAssessments: on-screen examinations and ePortfolios. Students may be registered for on-screen examinations for English, Mathematics, Science, History/Geography and Interdisciplinary assessment (ID). Students may submit ePortfolios for Language Acquisition, Arts, Design and PHE. Please bear in mind that eAssessments are optional. 80% of the schools around the world do not register their students for eAssessments. At RWA we would like to offer our students the opportunity to register for eAssessments.

ID assessment: Each year the IB selects a global context and informs MYP schools in December. The Personal Project and the following eAssessments are then centred around this context. The school also receives information about the two subject groups with the relevant source material that students will be required to use for their ID Assessment. Students will prepare for their IDU exam starting MYP Year 4 and then may complete an exam in MYP Year 5.

MYP Certification: All students who are registered for MYP are eligible for two types of certificates:

1. MYP Course Results Certificate
2. MYP Certificate

Irrespective of the certificate, the Middle Years Programme empowers students with the requisite skills to take on the Diploma Programme, Btech or the Career-related Programme at RWA.

How do I get a MYP Course Results Certificate?

All students registered for any combination of subjects, the Interdisciplinary assessment and the personal project is referred to as an MYP Course Candidate. Completion and submission of the personal project is mandatory for all MYP Course Candidates. MYP Course candidates may receive an MYP Course Results document recording all their achievements.

In addition to the MYP Course Results, candidates may apply for another certificate which is the MYP Certificate. As eAssessments are optional, students will be advised to register for those subjects that will best demonstrate their strengths.

How do I get a MYP Certificate?

To be eligible for the MYP Certificate a candidate must:

a. participate in the programme for the recommended period of at least two years, with a minimum of one year (MYP Year 5)
b. complete the on-screen examinations for a minimum of four subjects, one from each of the following groups: language and literature (English), individuals and societies (history or geography), science (biology or chemistry or physics) and mathematics
c. submit an ePortfolio for language acquisition (or complete the on-screen examination for a second language from the language and literature group)
d. submit at least one ePortfolio from any of the following subject groups: arts, physical and health education, or design
e. take the interdisciplinary on-screen examination
f. submit a personal project
g. complete the school’s requirement for community service.

What does the MYP Certificate include?

A grade from at least one subject from each of the following six subject groups:

• language and literature
• language acquisition (or a second language and literature)
• individuals and societies (history or geography)
• mathematics
• sciences (physics or chemistry or biology)
• arts, physical and health education or design.

A candidate may register for any number of subjects (including language acquisition, arts, physical and health education, and design), but only six subjects contribute to the award of the MYP Certificate. If a candidate takes more than one subject from the same subject group, the highest grade will count towards the certificate. Where a candidate chooses to take multiple subjects from arts, physical and health education or design, the highest single grade from these subject groups will count towards the certificate.

For each subject, one from each of the minimum six subject groups, up to 7 points can be obtained. Additionally, the interdisciplinary assessment can contribute up to 7 points and the personal project another 7 points. To achieve the MYP Certificate a candidate must gain at least 28 points overall, but a grade 1 or grade 2 in any subject, the interdisciplinary assessment or the personal project cannot contribute to the award of the MYP Certificate.