Wednesday / September 20 / 2017

Shadow support in the classroom setting

The goal of providing individual shadow aide (pairing a trained adult with a child with SEN) is to support the child to become successful and independent in the least restrictive school settings. This is in line with good inclusion practices and the UAE Ministry of Education guidelines regarding students with SEN. Shadow aides allow the child to function in a mainstream school setting successfully by supporting the academic and/or behavioral goals designed by ILP. This individualized support also ensures that the child’s behavior does not diminish the educational opportunity of other students. At RWA, parents are responsible for arranging the shadow aides for their child. The LS teacher collaborates with the parents, shadow aide and subject teachers to ascertain the smooth functioning of this individualized support system.

Directing shadow aide support for individual student needs

Shadow Teachers work under the general direction of a teacher in the classroom, and under the supervision of the Head of Learning Support (LS). There are three main actions that Head of LS, teachers and shadows need to take to make inclusion of SWD successful.

1. Plan: Head of LS needs to set out a vision for the role and purpose of Shadows, defining the contribution they will make to learning.

2. Prepare: Teachers should inform them of the skills or knowledge the students they support should be developing, and what learning you want them to achieve by the end of the lesson.

3. Perform: Shadows must assist pupils to handle challenges and uncertainty at early stages of developing their knowledge and skills.

Teachers and shadow aides work collaboratively to:

 Teacher Responsibility

Shadow Aide Responsibility

Plan and supervise student instruction

Support the student to participate in instruction

Keep the same frequency of interaction with the student who has special needs as with his/her classmates

Maintain proximity to the student with special needs only as much as needed in the classroom

Supervise and make modifications to the regular curriculum based on student need and ensure that accommodations are provided

Ensure that modifications of the regular curriculum are carried out and accommodations recommended are provided

Comment regularly to the shadow aide and case manager about the progress of the student

Be responsive to the suggestions of the teacher and LS teacher  about the progress of the student

Report on student progress in terms of academics, behavior and socialization

Report on student progress in terms of academics, behavior, daily living and socialization and refer questions about student progress to professional staff

Collaborate with parents, LS teacher and shadow aide that is consistent with those of all students in the classroom

Develop a relationship with parents, subject/class teachers and LS teacher and refer conversations about the student to the teacher

LS teacher should enhance shadow aide effectiveness by: