Wednesday / September 20 / 2017

Identification Procedures

A)     Admissions:

The Admissions department is well versed with the identification procedure of students with special educational needs and they are aware of some indicators of disabilities. They contact the Head of LS regarding any relevant new admission, as deemed appropriate.

B)      Teacher Referrals:

Individual teachers can refer any student to the LS department throughout the academic year. Before the child is referred, the teacher tries some intervention strategies and if sufficient progress is not noticed, the teacher fills the referral form. There are also other formative and summative assessments carried out throughout the year. These testing results as well as teacher observations help in identifying the Students with special needs. This is a continuous process.

C)      CAT4 based referrals:

All students appear for standardized testing at the beginning of the academic year. The Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT4) assessments play an important role in the identification of students with special educational needs.

The Head of LS is responsible for managing all the referrals. The individual LS teachers observe the referred students and they are screened in the Resource Room after obtaining parental consent, if required. A formal psycho-educational assessment may be recommended for the student, if deemed necessary. The detailed report produced from such an assessment entails the necessary information required for the development of an Individualized Education Plan (ILP) and/or in-class support services.

A student becomes eligible for learning support services only when the detailed assessment report by an educational psychologist is made available to the LS department. This assessment report is valid for a period of three years, after which a re-assessment is required as per the UAE Ministry of Education guidelines.

Identification Procedures for Talented and Gifted (TAG) Students

Individual teachers or parents can refer the TAG students by submitting the Nomination Form along with the evidence (academic performance and anecdotal reports) to the Head of LS. This information is collated with the standardized testing data (CAT4, etc.) and the anecdotal evidence. Teachers are then asked to fill the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales (GATES) screener forms. These are evaluated by the Head of LS and a TAG register is developed, which is further reviewed by the Head of Secondary/Primary section to determine whether the student merits the TAG program. The comprehensive TAG caseload register is shared with all the relevant staff.