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Learning Support at RWA

Raffles World Academy (RWA) is a truly inclusive school and values the contribution made by each student to our community. We understand that there are varied difficulties that adversely affect an individual from reaching their full potential. The learning support team strives to remove these barriers to learning and guides students with special educational needs (SEN) in making optimum progress in their academic career.

We believe that students with SEN should have the opportunity to participate in educational programs in the least restrictive environment that is commensurate with their individual strengths and needs. This is in line with the UAE Federal Law no. 29/2006 regarding Individuals with Special Needs. We encourage students with SEN to join in the activities of the school, wherever possible and reasonably practical whilst considering the optimal learning of all students with whom they are being educated.

In addition to the school’s Principal, the Head and Deputy Head of Primary and Secondary, the Head of Learning Support and the Learning Support teachers – all other members of staff have important responsibilities in helping students access the curriculum.  This makes the continuous cycle of identifying, planning, teaching, learning, assessing and evaluating very important because it requires every teacher to take account of the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests of the students. Personalized learning is implemented within the classroom to ensure progress in all students.

If you need any further details, please contact Ms. Neha Sharma, Head of Learning Support at or 04-4271385.