Tuesday / March 19 / 2019

Identification Procedures

A) Admissions:

All students applying for Grade 2 and above sit the CAT4 tests as part of our admission process. Should scores from these tests not be in the expected range, the admissions staff contact the Head of Inclusion regarding these new applicants. The admissions department collates data from previous school reports for all students from KG1 to Grade 12 and this information is also provided to the Head of Inclusion, as required. Additionally, the admissions team is also familiar with the identification procedures followed for students experiencing SEND and decide on when the application needs to be passed onto the Head of Inclusion for further assessment.

Once assessed, the Head of Inclusion then liaises with the Head of Section and/or the Principal to make the final decision. Should a student require additional assistance, the Inclusion Support Department puts in place the appropriate support, based on whether the student needs fall under Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, the Gifted and Talented, or English as an Additional Language.

B) Teacher Referrals:

Individual teachers can refer any student to the Inclusion Support department throughout the academic year. The referral form duly filled in by homeroom / subject teachers is sent to the Head of Inclusion. This referral form, alongside the standardized testing data, teacher observations and parent/student interviews, helps in making decisions regarding the support provisions that need to be put in place to cater to the individual needs of students needing support.

For students experiencing special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), the teacher referral form is followed by observations by the inclusion support teacher along with internal screening assessments and discussions with parents, to set up appropriate provision for students with SEND. In line with DSIB guidelines, we support students experiencing SEND with or without external educational psychologists' assessment report. The school also helps the parents in making individual learning support assistant (ILSA) provision available, if needed.

For Highly Able students, teachers complete the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales (GATES) screener forms. These are evaluated by the Head of Inclusion and a Talented and Gifted (TAG) register is maintained, which is further reviewed by the Head of Section to determine whether the student requires the TAG program. The comprehensive TAG register is shared with all the relevant staff and suitable programs are planned collaboratively.

For students with English as an Additional Language (EAL), teachers fill in the referral form and send it to the Head of Inclusion. This is followed by an observation and a placement test by the EAL teacher. Based on the results of these tests, EAL support is provided for the academic year.

C) GL assessment data based referrals:

All students appear for standardized testing at the beginning of the academic year. The Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT4) combined with the Progress Tests data play an important role in the identification of students experiencing SEND, and those that may be Highly Able or having EAL needs. The Head of Inclusion is responsible for the analysis of the standardized testing data for the whole school to help determine possible additional needs that students may have.