Wednesday / September 20 / 2017

Admission Procedures

Admissions Process Chart

The processes outlined below are managed and administered by the central Admissions office, in collaboration and consultation with school Principals.


1.   Applications for admission are accepted at all times during the school year.  Applications must be completed online through the school website. If there are no places available at the time then the application is placed onto the school’s registration list.

2. When a place becomes available then the school will contact the first eligible applicant and invite them to attend an assessment.

3.      Procedures for Assessment

All invited applicants will undergo assessment. The specific nature of this assessment is the responsibility of the school, and the relevant details are mentioned below.

4. Procedures for Assessment

4.1 All invited applicants will undergo assessment. The specific nature of this assessment is the responsibility of the school, and the relevant details are appended to the end of this policy.

4.2 For applicants based locally, assessments will be undertaken at the school premises. If this is not possible then the assessment will be undertaken online under the supervision of a qualified teacher, where applicable.

4.3 Those below the age of 5 may be given an oral assessment.

4.4 Where appropriate a face-to-face interview may also be undertaken with the relevant school authority.

4.5 The following documents are required at the time of assessment:

- 2 photocopies of birth certificate, passport, visa, and Emirates ID card

- Latest 2 years full school reports or transcripts

- Photocopy of immunisation records

- 4 Passport photos

5. Service Standards

5.1 The admission process for each child needs to be completed within 5 working days of the assessment if the student is based in Dubai. To achieve this goal, the following process and service standards have been defined:-

- Responding to parents after receiving the application - 1-2 working days

- Receiving test results from admissions/teachers - 3 working days

- Communicating the outcome to parents - 5 working days (from the date of the test)

6. Registration Fees

6.1 All applicants who are invited for assessment are required to pay a non-refundable assessment fee of AED 1000.

7. Selection process

7.1 Following assessment the school management will decide upon whether a place is to be offered or not, based upon all of the information from assessment and provided in the application.

7.2 The decision taken by the school is final, and all admissions follow the guidelines and regulations set by the KHDA.

7.3 Parents / guardians must respond to an offer within 7 days of receipt in order to secure the place.

7.4 Prior to admissions, Transfer Certificate (attested where required) is to be submitted.

SEN Admissions policy

Our policy is in line with Federal Law 29 (2006) regarding the education and outcomes of students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. 

Special Needs:

Applicants with Special Needs are assessed by the School’s Counselor/Special Education Needs Co-ordinator. The file is then reviewed by the Head of Section/Principal who decides if the school is adequately equipped to meet the needs of the child. The Head of Section along with the SEN Co-ordinator discusses the matter with the parent and they come to an agreement with regard to the placement and accommodations required.

English Language Learning support: 

ESL support is provided to students who require English Language support. These applications are flagged by the admissions team for further evaluation by the ESL Co-ordinator and the level of support required is determined. The final approval for admission is given by Head of Section/Principal.