Tuesday / March 19 / 2019

Overview of policies

RWA clinic provides quality health care and provides emergency first aid when needed during schools hours and major events involving students and the community in general.


Dubai Department of Health requires those students’ grades: KG1, 1, 5, 9 and 12 have a general medical examination (including vision, BMI and general checkup) and all students have their Body Mass Index (BMI) checked. Parents will be informed if their child requires any special medical attention.


Students are not allowed to bring to class or keep any medicine in their bags. All medicines should be handed to the nurse and stored safely at the clinic (as per DHA guidelines)

Only School Nurse/ Doctor have the right to administer medicines.

Parents should inform the school clinic of any treatment their child is receiving and submit a medical report and a prescription with details of the treatment (dose and duration of the treatment). Medications Policy


Students with temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit/ 37.8 Celsius or higher must stay at home.

In case a student develops fever at school; parents/guardian will be notified and are required to pick up their child from the school clinic within an hour. Students with fever will not be sent home on the bus. Student can return to school if fever free for 24 hours with no fever reducing medicines. Fever policy


Children should not be sent to school if they are unwell in order to prevent spread of illness to other students and staff members.

No child will be allowed to attend school without a medical certificate or the school doctor’s approval in the case of having contracted any infectious disease. Sick students policy


Parents are asked to inform the Health Office of any severe allergy their child has or any special medical condition or treatment or special dietary consideration.


In the event a child requires emergency treatment, the school will contact the parents to collect their child from the school.

In case of a serious emergency, if the school is unable to contact the parents/guardian/Emergency Contact Person, the student will be taken to Rashid Hospital (Dubai Government Hospital) accompanied by the School Nurse.

Efforts to contact the parents will continue. Back referral form

Please keep the Health Office informed of any changes in your contact details.


RWA is a nut free zone, all nuts and derived products are not served in the school cafeteria. Parents are asked to avoid packing to school any foods containing nuts. Students are encouraged not to share foods.

In case a student is diagnosed with any severe allergies- parents are asked to submit an Epipen auto injector to store at the clinic. During planned school trip, the clinic ensures that escorting teacher carries the Epipen auto injector and is trained to use it when necessary.

Bake Sale Guidelines


RWA continuously promotes healthy eating habits; Healthier eating habits have been associated with better Academic Performance;

Students are encouraged to have a good breakfast and healthy snack /lunch at school.


The School clinic organizes health talks throughout the year for all grades. RWA Health team is passionate about spreading awareness on healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, healthy screen use, sun protection, personal hygiene, managing stress, puberty and healthy teens and lots of different health related matters.


Raffles World Academy provides vaccinations to students age 6 and above under the umbrella of Dubai Health Authorities (DHA) where nurses from DHA administer necessary vaccinations once a year; DHA vaccination schedule available at the clinic.

During admission, parents are asked to submit an updated copy of their child’s vaccination records in English and inform The Health Office of any newly received vaccinations.


Parents are asked to do regular checks for Head Lice. In case a student is found to have Head Lice, the parents are asked to collect their child from school and initiate treatment; Student is allowed back to class once clear by the health Office. Head Lice is a common condition amongst school children and can be easily treated.   Head Lice info