Saturday / January 20 / 2018

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PARWA - RWA's Parent Body

The following is some of the initiatives and events of our parent committee, PARWA:

• Welcome to New Teachers: A welcome gift pack is handed to new teachers by PARWA members.
• Welcome to the Family: This is held on the same days as the Orientation for new students. We are there to welcome the new members into the fold and help guide them with any queries that they may have regarding uniforms, layout of school, general rules etc.
• Bake Sales: This is usually held twice or thrice a year where parents volunteer to bake or cook anything they can and this is then sold through the day to the Students, Staff and Parents. This is primarily a fund raiser and the kids love these days coz they get to eat something different from their home food or cafeteria food!
• Al Souq: This is fun fair combined along with a market and usually has an Arabic theme attached to it. This is usually held in November. PARWA sells stalls to vendors at a nominal rate and vendors get to market their business. Sales generated belong entirely to the Vendors. Non RWA parents are also invited to sell their products as long as they can be introduced to PARWA through an RWA Parent. PARWA also puts up a fun fair for the kids to enjoy themselves, and to complete the picture we have popcorn, cotton candy, henna, games, fun rides etc.
• Facilitate Parent Focus Groups: PARWA has several Sub Groups which we call the Focus Groups. Each Focus Group is dedicated to one area of development and this is usually linked to subjects, both academic and non-academic. Presently we have Focus Groups for Arabic, Islamic, Science, Math, English, P.E. and Eco- Awareness. All these Focus Groups have events running throughout the year – some of them are directed to the Students and some for the Parents; some are free activities and some are paid activities. For example, we have Spoken Arabic Classes for parents which is a paid activity; and we have grade 11 students helping out grades 6 – 10 with Math after school, which is a free activity. The grade 11 students work for CAS hours. The Focus Groups also holds a gently used books and toys sale, and proceeds from this sale go towards sponsoring prizes for various contests conducted by the Focus Groups, for the Students at RWA.
• Boot Camp and Zumba Classes: This is through the year and is for Parents to run or boogie their way to fitness! Classes are conducted at unbelievably reasonable rates by Certified Instructors who also happen to be Co-Parents.
• Movie Nights: This is usually held in February or March and is a fun night for the Primary School Students – they get to watch a movie free of cost at school, usually on a Thursday evening. They have fun watching the movie with their friends and snuggle up in bean bags with popcorn in hand! Parents get to catch up with each other on this night!
• Career Fair: This is organised by the Secondary and Primary School Parent Coordinators and is for Grades KG- Grade 11, and is usually held in May. Parents are invited to come and talk about their careers and answer questions which would help these young minds decide on a career path.
• Summer Internships: This is for the Grade 11 students where they go to different Companies for a short internship during the Summer Vacation. PARWA is responsible for getting Companies on board for offering Internships and helping to facilitate the Interview and Placement Process.
• Facilities Staff Lunch: At the end of the Academic Year, there is a lunch which is sponsored by PARWA just as a “Thank You” for all the Facilities Staff who work hard through the year and without who the School cannot function even for a single day. Usually, along with the lunch, the Facilities Staff is also given a gift voucher.
• Teacher Appreciation Lunch: This is also held at the end of the Academic Year and we invite all the teaching and non-teaching staff for a lunch which is mostly cooked by our Parent Volunteers. This is a fun event and just a small way of appreciating all the hard work that the Staff at School put in through the year, for all our kids.
• Assist with other key events: Coordinate with the school for other Events like UAE National Day, the International Day, Sports Day.