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PARWA represents the parent body at RWA. All our activities revolve around our motto - Joining Hands for Our Children. All parents by default are a member of PARWA, but it is the members on the executive committee that have a specific role and responsibility that aids PARWA with the day-to-day running of the group.

What is PARWA?

The Parents Association of Raffles World Academy

Who does PARWA represent?

PARWA represents all parents, guardians and caregivers of students at RWA.

What is our role at RWA?

What are our goals?

Our goals are: 

Where do our funds go?

Close to the end of the academic year, PARWA invites parents and the school to suggest projects or ideas for PARWA to support and fund. These are then submitted to the school as proposals and once a proposal is approved, PARWA releases the funds to complete the project.

What do we do?

PARWA is a non-profit, voluntary group of RWA parents who work very hard throughout the year to support all RWA children. We believe in school spirit and community feel. We bring these two elements into the school by running social/fund-raising events throughout the year. PARWA has helped increase the non-English section of the school library. We gifted the entire RWA community with Al-Baraha (the outdoor sitting/picnic area). PARWA started the Reading competition in senior school to encourage students to do extra reading. PARWA has also run the Careers Fair for secondary and primary school to help students understand the different career options and how to achieve their goals and dreams. Our Arabic Focus Group has worked very closely with Arabic teachers to improve the standard and quality of Arabic throughout the school. Our Cultural Liaison has helped expat parents understand the culture and dos/don’ts of the Emirati community. Our Student Liaisons have helped students (from the Eco Club and Anti-Bullying Committee) organise and run events/projects.

Get involved

The PARWA Executive Committee comprises of volunteers that meet on a regular basis to provide leadership to the group. PARWA is always looking for additional volunteers to help with events and fundraisers whenever the need be. Parents that are interested in our Focus Groups or Clubs can join in at any time of the academic year.

You can contact us on:


Facebook: PARWA Raffles World Academy

Office location: Behind the Reception Desk

For updates, please follow us through Facebook, FORWARD or our PARWA board in the Flag Atrium.